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You must have a Tax ID if you are..
  • Starting a business
  • Forming a Trust
  • Creating an Estate
  • Hiring Employees
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  • Eliminate Mistakes
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Why choose us for your filing needs?

The paperwork for filing for a tax ID can be overwhelming. This applies to all types of businesses sole proprietor, an LLC, a corporation, a trust or an estate. We work directly with the IRS on your behalf as a third party designee to assure your tax id number is filled correctly.

Our friendly staff will review your submission for errors before processing the filing. When filing on your own any errors would be sent to the IRS and then you might get declined for a tax ID but with our help, we identify those errors and fix them. If there still are any issues we will work directly with the IRS on your behalf (this includes sometimes waiting on hold for more than 45 minutes) to get the issues resolved.

Your tax ID will be sent electronically once it’s issued. You will have 24/7 access to our system to check on the status of your submission. If you any other questions or want to talk with someone or friendly staff is available during normal business hours to help.

Accurate & Fast Filing

Our form makes the tax ID number process very simple and easy while reducing common errors that would delay this process.

Customer Service

Our friendly staff has a lot of experience in helping people to get a tax ID and knows many of the common errors.


We use the highest security standards with state of the art SSL technology on our website and servers.

We are a premier service provider of professional document preparation services providing a simplified process for filing the IRS SS-4 form to help our clients obtain an IRS Tax ID/EIN Number. We work for our clients to help make the entire process quick, easy, secure, and worry free. We act on behalf of you, our client, and are not affiliated with the IRS or any other government agency. If you have any questions or need more information contact us anytime.

Disclaimer: We act as a Third Party Designee to professionally help businesses and consumers obtain tax ID numbers to be used in their line of business. We are not affiliated with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and acts as a separate entity on your behalf to simplify this whole process.