Frequently Asked Questions

Our Company

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service. We know you have many options when it comes to preparing and filing service documents with state and federal agencies. You can use a professional service provider like us or do them yourself, but we hope you choose us as your service provider.

Most filings related to starting a business require a filing fee through the state even if you do them yourself. The only filings we handle that do not require a fee are for Federal Tax ID's. The IRS does not collect a fee for filing and you can file online for free without our assistance by going to the IRS Website.

We are an independently owned private company and not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agency including the IRS. We strive to take the headache out of filing new business documents by making the process as simple as possible for our customers. Our experienced staff prepares your documents and files them on your behalf while maintaining communication with you through the entire process. Should any filing issues arise, we help solve the problem with the local, state or federal agency to get your filing completed as soon as possible.

How can you contact us?

You can contact us by visiting the Contact Us page.

What are your business hours?

Monday thru Friday 8AM-5PM. We still accept new online orders outside of our hours of operation.

Is my personal data secure on your website?

We take every measure possible to protect our client's sensitive information. Our website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, and is scanned for Malware daily. Our client's personal data is priority and we take extreme measures to keep this information secure.

Disclaimer: We act as a Third Party Designee to professionally help businesses and consumers obtain tax ID numbers to be used in their line of business. We are not affiliated with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and acts as a separate entity on your behalf to simplify this whole process.